Conant Trust Fund Commission

The Conant Trusts Fund Committee was formed for the purpose of administering funds held under an Indentures of Trust, dated June 4, 1925 as amended, between William H. Conant with Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Company, and a certain trust established under the will of William A. Conant dated December 31, 1937.  The Committee has broad general powers to use the income and principal received by the trust at its discretion, and in keeping with the provisions of the trust.   The Committee may receive gifts of property, both real and personal, in the name of the Town of Bridgewater, such gifts to be managed and controlled by the committee as outlined in the Indentures of Trust.  The Conant Trusts Fund Committee is an advisory, regulatory, and ministerial committee of the Town. 

The Conant Trusts Fund Committee is a five member board with five year staggered terms.

Conant Trust Fund Committee Members
Michael Levy - Term ends 2025
Marie Fahey - Term ends 2024
Harold Estabrook - Term ends 2025
David Wolohojian - Term ends 2023
John Sylvia - Term ends 2024