Cultural Council

Cultural Council Members

Jessica Manning - Term ends 2023
Andrew Parks - Term ends 2025
Tina Larson - Term ends 2025
Elizabeth Young - Term ends 2026
Nora Tarr - Term ends 2024

There are several vacancies to be filled for the committee.

Please use the following link to access the Bridgewater Cultural Council Guidelines and to apply for grants:

The Cultural Council decides the distribution of arts lottery funds or other funds that may be available to it and may also conduct other activities to promote and encourage the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences. The Cultural Council operates pursuant to the provisions of MGL c. 10, § 58, as amended. The Cultural Council is an advisory and ministerial committee of the Town.

There shall be a Cultural Council, to consist of a minimum of five and not more than twenty-two members. Members shall not be appointed to more than two consecutive terms in accordance with MGL C. 10, § 58.  Members shall have demonstrated scholarship or creativity in, or distinguished service to, the arts, humanities, or interpretive sciences. Local cultural councils shall annually elect a chairman, secretary and treasurer.