Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee advises and otherwise assists the Town Manager on the preservation of open space, and updating the Open Space Plan.  The Committee evaluates opportunities for the acquisition and protection of open space parcels against a number of criteria, including whether the Town’s acquisition of the parcel would (i) help preserve Bridgewater’s character, (ii) protect Bridgewater’s water resources, (iii)abut or conjoin existing conservation lands, (iv) provide public access for walking, biking or other passive recreation, (v) preserve or enhance distinctive streetscapes, views or vistas, or (vi) preserve important wildlife and/or vegetation habitat.  To this end, the Committee works with Town residents, local officials, state and federal agencies, and private nonprofit land conservation organizations to further these open space objectives.  The Committee advises the Town Manager on the development and content of the Open Space Plan.  The Open Space Committee is an advisory committee in the Town.

The Open Space Committee consists of five members appointed for three year terms.

Open Space Related Documents

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Open Space Committee Members
Nicole Holmes - Term Ends 2021
Kevin Mandeville - Term  Ends 2022
Eileen Hiney - Term Ends 2022
Maureen Minasian - Term Ends 2023
Vacancy - Term Ends - 2021