Business (D.B.A.) Certificate

Procedure for obtaining a Business Certificate

  1. The applicant must fill out the Zoning Approval Form and submit to the Zoning Enforcement Official for review and approval.  The Zoning Enforcement Official is located in the Office of Building Services located on the lower level of the Municipal Office Building, 66 Central Square (508-697-0904)
  2. If the application is approved the applicant may fill out the Business Certificate Form and file it with the Town Clerk's Office.  There is a fee of $40.00 (Checks made payable to the Town of Bridgewater)
  3. The Town Clerk's Office will process the application and the applicant will receive a certified copy.
  4. The Business Certificate is good for four (4) years from the date of the application.  Note expiration date on the bottom of the certificate.
  5. At any time during the life of the Certificate there is a change of name, address, or other circumstance that may affect its validity, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office. If the Business is discontinued, a Statement of Discontinuance Form must be filled out and filed with the Town Clerk’s Office or you will continue to receive personal property tax on your business. Fee: $10. (Checks made payable to the Town of Bridgewater.)