Retirement can seem a long way off, but saving while you work is important for your long-term well being.

 Primary Retirement Plan

Plymouth County Retirement Website
Public employees who work for town, county, city, municipal or state government or an independent authority are generally members of a Massachusetts G.L. c. 32 public retirement system. For the Town of Bridgewater employees, Plymouth County Retirement Association (PCRA) administers these benefits. This is a defined benefit savings plan, commonly known as a pension, which provides a monthly benefit for life. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled starting the first day of employment.  Learn more about the PCRA benefit by visiting their website

Save More through Voluntary Retirement Plans 

Employees can save additional money for retirement through voluntary deferred compensation also known as 457( b) plans.  Plans eligible under 457(b) allow employees  to defer income taxation on retirement savings into future years.  Save as little as $200 and up to $19,500 (2020 limit) a year and build your retirement savings over time. Benefit eligible employees can invest in the following plans:

  • Empower Retirement (Massachusetts Deferred Compensation Smart Plan) 
  • Nationwide 
  • Security Benefit Plan Advisors 

Looking for Help?

Call our Human Resources office at (508) 697-0971 for more information.  Plan information may also be obtained as follows:
  • Participants can contact Massachusetts Deferred Compensation Smart Plan at (877) 457-1900 to talk with a representative or plan a face-to-face meeting.
  • Nationwide Retirement participants can call (877) 677-3678.
  • Security Benefit Plan subscribers should call (508) 279-8020.