Training Opportunities

The Human Resources department seeks to deliver learning opportunities to Town  employees that provide the knowledge and skills our team members need to be successful at work.  Please take advantage of these free webinars using the link to register at the bottom of this page.

Typically these webinars are held on Fridays and are about 1 hour in length.  Our schedule for the Spring 2021 - Winter 2021 is as follows:

Spring/Summer 2021
  • May 21st: Civility and Inclusion: Essential Ingredients for the Healthy Workplace
  • June 11th: Cultural Awareness and Diversity
  • July 16th: Customer Service Excellence: Reaching Down Deep
  • July 23rd: Bringing Out the Best in People: Positive Management Techniques (Managers Only)
  • August 13th:  Embracing Stress: The New Science of Stress
Fall 2021
  • September 17th: Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • October 15th:   Expert Communication: Skills for Working Effectively with Others
  • October 19th: Cultural Awareness and Diversity (Boards & Committees)
  • October 22nd:  Creating the Respectful Workplace: Meeting Halfway (Managers Only)
  • November 19th:  “I Pay Your Salary”: Responding to Difficult Situations with the Public

Winter 2021
  • December 17th:  Social Media Awareness in the Workplace