Proposed New Fire Station

Since the late 1850s, a fire station has existed on School Street just behind the old Town Hall.   Today, the fire station serves as the Department’s headquarters and accommodates a total staff of over 50 personnel, most of whom live and work in the building.  The existing station has outlived its useful life.  There is not sufficient space nor appropriate accommodations for a modern fire and emergency medical services department.  The building does not have appropriate ventilation, adequate office space, or handicapped accessible areas.  Bathroom facilities are undersized and water leaks have wreaked havoc both inside the workspaces and under the equipment bays.

In 2019 the Town Manager convened an ad hoc committee led by Councilor Matt Rushton to review the existing station, determine the space needs of a modern well-functioning department, find a location for a potential new station or stations, and decide how the Town can best address the shortcomings of the existing headquarters.   

This page provides the information the Fire Station Building Committee has reviewed, and the reports which have been issued both throughout the years and most recently regarding the existing station.  It also provides pictures and video which tell more than can be written.

While the fire station has seen better days, don’t be fooled by the building’s shortcomings.  The professionals who work and live in the building are highly trained professionals who are ready to respond when the call comes in.  Their professionalism and dedication stand in stark contrast to the building that houses them.


Committee Members

  • Matt Rushton - Town Council 
  • Michael MacDermott - Fire Chief
  • Casey Florence
  • Stacy Blundell
  • Alan Chuckran
  • Michael Flaherty
  • Greg Paul
  • John Schlatz
  • Jimmy Reidy
  • Michael Dutton - Town Manager