Animal Control

Mission Statement

The Town of Bridgewater's Animal Control Officer is responsible for:
  • Investigating nuisance complaints
  • Enforcing animal control by-laws; as well as M.G.L. chapter 140 laws
  • Removing sick or injured wildlife: determine risk of rabies exposure and need for testing
  • Providing information about wildlife
  • Removing animals killed on roadways
  • Picking up stray animals
  • Investigating dog bites
  • Investigating cruelty and/or neglect complaints
  • Educating the public about responsible pet ownership
Note: Every effort is made to find a stray animal's owner. When efforts are unsuccessful, animals that pass temperament testing, i.e. are safe, are placed up for adoption after being examined by a veterinarian, being spayed or neutered if not already done, vaccinated and other care as indicated. Preparation of government budget materials and State and Federal reports are also completed by this office.