Tree Committee

The Bridgewater Tree Committee was formed to develop a comprehensive tree management program for the Town of Bridgewater’s public trees. The Committee shall advise town officials, multiple member appointive bodies, and the general public to promote activities that encourage the planting, care, and management of all existing and new public trees.

The Tree Committee shall consist of seven members: five voting members and two non-voting members. The Town Manager shall, based upon recommendation from the respective committees, appoint the following voting members: one member of the Planning Board; one member of the Open Space Committee; and one member of the Bridgewater Improvement Association. The Town Manager shall appoint two voting members-at-large, at least one of which shall be a certified arborist, landscape architect, or an individual with comparable experience and training. The Bridgewater Tree Warden and the Bridgewater Roadways Superintendent, or his designee, shall serve as non-voting members.