Economic Development/Planning

The Department of Community and Economic Development promotes quality of life and economic opportunity by facilitating a livable Bridgewater that is at once vibrant yet resilient. In so doing, the Department of Community and Economic Development partners with enterprise, citizens and local institutions thereby assuring an open public discourse towards achieving economic vitality, housing opportunities, safe and efficient transportation systems, and resource protection.

Considering Town of Bridgewater for business relocation or expansion? Bridgewater is open for Business! The Town of Bridgewater affords great space and sites that run the gamut from downtown storefronts to greenfield industrial, and everything between. We are pleased to be home to Bridgewater State University, a major public university enrolling nearly 11,000 students. Welcome to the Town of Bridgewater! When you're here, you're home.

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Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Applications now Online !

Economic Development Department Procedures

To help residents and interested parties better understand how the Economic Development and Planning Offices function, below are some general procedures  which the staff follow on a daily basis:

  • The Planning Board maintains a schedule of deadlines which applicants must adhere to for their applications.
  • Meeting agendas are posted no later than the Friday preceding the next Planning Board meeting.
  • Notices of upcoming meetings and hearings are sent to all required departments at least one week prior to a scheduled Planning Board meeting whenever possible.
  • All documents, (including decisions, minutes, notices, etc) are reviewed by the Community & Economic Development Director and/or the Town Planner prior to distribution.
  • Planning Board applications will not be considered complete unless they have been reviewed and approved by the Community & Economic Development Director and/or the Town Planner.
  • All approved decisions are sent electronically to the Building Department and/or the Board of Health.

Comprehensive Master Plan Approved May 2022 - HERE

What's New?


  • Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals Applications now Online!
  • MassDevelopment is now administering the Underutilized Properties Program for the purpose of funding  “projects that will improve, rehabilitate or redevelop blighted, abandoned, vacant or underutilized properties to achieve the public purposes of eliminating blight, increasing housing production, supporting economic development projects, increasing the number of commercial buildings accessible to persons with disabilities.” 
    For more information visit MassDevelopment website here.

  • Just a friendly reminder: Please do not rake, blow, or dump leaves, grass clippings, or other yard waste into storm drains. Littering in storm drains causes flooding and pollutes our water bodies without any filtration. We encourage you to mulch and compost these items for your gardens next year, or bag them and bring them to Plymouth Farm Supply at 1000 Plymouth Street (Route 104) in Bridgewater.

Affordable Housing

This page provides the public with information on current affordable housing/ MGL Ch 40B proposals before the Town of Bridgewater. Each link contains documentation related to each proposed project.

Recently Approved Projects