Roadways (Highway)

Mission Statement

The Highway Division seeks to promote the safety, health, and welfare of the residents of the Town of Bridgewater by maintaining and improving the Town's 120 mile roadway network. This includes streets, sidewalks, road shoulders, and drainage system. In so doing, it ensures safe travel throughout the Town.



Please complete the packet below and return the Bridgewater Highway Department.

Click here for snowplowing packet

How to Report a deceased animal in the roadway

To report a dead animal in the roadway, please call the Animal Control Officer, Jared Ricci at (508) 659-1290.

Snow & Ice Removal Priorities:

 1.  Ensure that police, fire and medical emergency equipment can move safely on                 Town streets.

 2.  Open main and secondary roads for use by the public.

 3.  Open residential streets (due to budget constraints, it may take additional time                 for residential streets to be opened)

4.  Clear sidewalks used to walk to schools around a 1 mile radius
Mailbox Replacement Policy
• The Town will only replace mailboxes if the Town’s plow came in contact with a  well-maintained mailbox or post.

• The Town will not replace mailboxes if the box is damaged by snow being discharged by the snowplow and if the plow does not come in contact with the mailbox or post.

• Other than mailboxes physically hit by plows, the Town is not responsible to  repair, replace, or compensate for any such items placed in the public way.

For complete details, please review the Policy on Snow and Ice Removal document below.