Water Supply (Water Dept)

Get to Know you H2O Informational Video Series

The Town of Bridgewater has created a series of informational videos about the Town's water system. It explains the process of getting the water from the wells, treatment and distribution back to the homes and business in Bridgewater.

Bridgewater 2023 Rain Barrel Program

The Rain Barrel Program for August 2023 has been closed.  We will be running this program again in the Spring of 2024.  Please check back in March for more details.

Please see the rain barrel program flyer for more details.  Rain barrels are available for purchase by the residents at the discounted price of $89.00  Bridgewater residents receive an extra $25 off from the Town with coupon Bridge23. Limit 3 per household. Go to https://www.greatamericanbarrel.com/community/ , Select Town and State

Did you Know...

All Town water customers have the ability to monitor you water usage from your computer or smartphone.  you can receive email and text alerts such as wasteful or high water usage , freeze warning, leak alerts, etc.  Please see our Waterscope page for more information

Mission Statement

The department is responsible for enforcing the Water Department Regulations for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare.

Other duties include making water and sewer mains, repairing water leaks, hydrant damage, responding to water quality issues, monitoring illegal outside water activity, performing final water readings. For water and sewer billing abatement information please contact our office.

Water Distribution Map (PDF)