Planning Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
  • 66 Central Square (Academy Building)
    Bridgewater, MA 02324


  • Patrick Driscoll, Chair - Term ends 2025
  • Raymond Ajemian - Term ends 2026
  • Michael MacDonald, Vice Chair - Term ends 2023
  • Steven Geller,  Term ends 2027
  • Astrid Rojas - Term Ends 2024
  • MJ Spagone, Alternate Member - Annual Term
  • Ted Haley, Alternate Member - Annual Term

About the Board

The Planning Board consists of five members appointed each for a term of five years. The terms are staggered in such a manner that there is one position available annually for appointment unless when a vacancy occurs there may be more than one.  The Associate Member sits on the Board for the purposes of acting on a Special Permit application, in the case of absence, inability to act, or conflict of interest, on the part of any member of the Planning Board or in the event of a vacancy on the Board. The associate member shall be appointed annually by the Town Manager.



Bridgewater uses an online permitting system for all applications to be reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Board. All new applicants must also first register.  Please call the CED Department at 508-697-0950 for assistance.

Submit a new application

Duties & Responsibilities


The Planning Board is governed by the statutes of the Massachusetts General Laws. Their primary powers and duties fall within the Chap 41 (Subdivision Control Law), however, earlier statutes are also applicable. The Planning Board may become involved in the following activities:

  • Master Plan (Chapter 41, Section 81D)
  • Official Land Use Map (Chapter 41, Section 81E-81H)
  • Planning in General (Chapter 41, Section 81A-81J)
  • Public Ways, Report on the same (Chapter 41 Section 81-l and J)
  • Site Plan Review (Chapter 41)
  • Special Permits under zoning (Chapter 40A)
  • Street names (Chapter 85, Sections 3, 3-A and 3-B)
  • Subdivision Control (Chapter 41)
  • Subdivision Rules and Regulations (Chapter 41, Section 81Q)
  • Zoning Ordinances (Chapter 40A)

Agendas and Minutes of the Town of Bridgewater Planning Board

Meeting recordings of the Town of Bridgewater Planning Board

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