Elder Affairs Commission

The purpose of the Elder Affairs Commission is to advocate for the needs of the elderly people residing in the Town of Bridgewater.  The Elder Affairs Commission surveys the elderly population to better determine their needs problems and concerns. It develops criteria for programs and supportive services development based upon an assessment of needs and participates in programs offered by the Commonwealth's Department of Elder Services. The Elder Affairs Commission helps identify goals and objectives and supports staff in implementing and promoting the Elder Affairs Commission’s mission.  

The Elder Affairs Commission members also serve as Trustees of the Senior Center Funds.  The Commission makes recommendations to the Director of Elder Affairs and the Department of Public Works Director regarding the maintenance of the Senior Center facility, capital needs and minor repairs, supplies related to operation of the building, and replacement of necessary items to maintain the building in good condition. The Commission recommends capital spending from the Senior Center Trust Funds.  The Elder Affairs Commission is an advisory and ministerial committee of the Town.  

The Elder Affairs Commission consists of nine regular members and two associate members appointed for three year staggered terms. 

Elder Affairs Commission Members

Nick Bagas - Term ends 2024
David Frim - Term ends 2025
Sandra Alley - Term ends 2025
Diane Roza - Term ends 2024
Gloria Lemieux - Term ends 2024
Debra Heckbert - Term ends 2024
Marylou Harding – Term ends 2023
Robin Sherrick – Term ends 2023
Richard Gopen - Term ends 2025

*Douglas Dorr - Term Ends 2024

*Serves as Associate Member