Town Council 

  1. Town Council Public Hearing - 11/19/2019

    At their meeting to be held 11/19/2019 beginning at 7:30 p.m., the Town Council will hold the following public hearings in the Academy Building Council Chambers, 66 Central Square. Click here for hearing details and full Orders.
  2. 2020 Town Council Meeting Dates

    Click Here for 2020 Town Council Meeting Dates and the list of Proposed Presentation Dates for Boards and Committees 2020 Meeting Dates
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Council - 06.2019
Front Row (from left to right):  Shawn George (Vice President), Dennis Gallagher (President)
Back Row (from left to right):  Councilors Frank Sousa, Fred Chase, William Wood, Matthew Rushton, Peter Colombotos, Aisha Losche, Tim Fitzgibbons 

Councilor Information:
Dennis Gallagher 
(Term Expires 2021)
Email Councilor Gallagher
Shawn George
Vice President
Precinct 3
(Term Expires 2020)
 Email Councilor George
Aisha Losche

Precinct 1
(Term Expires 2021)
  Email Councilor Losche
Tim Fitzgibbons 
Precinct 2
(Term Expires 2021)
Email Councilor Fitzgibbons
Fred Chase
Precinct 4
(Term Expires 2022)
Email Councilor Chase
Peter Colombotos
Precinct 5
(Term Expires 2020)
Email Councilor Colombotos
William Wood
Precinct 6
(Term Expires 2020)
Email Councilor Wood
Frank Sousa
Precinct 7
(Term Expires 2019)
Email Councilor Sousa
Matthew Rushton
(Term Expires 2022)
Email Councilor Rushton
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