Town Council Adopted Legislation

Click on any of the links above to open the document. Once the document is open, click on the legislation number or title to view that item. *Please Note: Effective 7/1/2017, legislation will be numbered and tracked according to fiscal year initiated.


FY23 Ordinances FY23 Orders FY23 Resolutions
FY22 Ordinances FY22 Orders FY22 Resolutions
FY21 Ordinances FY21 Orders FY21 Resolutions
FY20 Ordinances FY20 Orders FY20 Resolutions
FY19 Ordinances FY19 Orders No FY19 Resolutions
FY18 Ordinances FY18 Orders FY18 Resolutions
2017 Ordinances 2017 Orders 2017 Resolutions
2016 Ordinances 2016 Orders 2016 Resolutions
2015 Ordinances 2015 Orders 2015 Resolutions
2014 Ordinances 2014 Orders 2014 Resolutions