Financial Committee

 As defined in the Town Charter, the Financial Committee provides financial advice to the Town Manager and the Town Council on the yearly operating budget for all Town agencies, which includes the Regional School budget as adopted by the School Committee.

The Financial Committee provides financial advice to the Town Council and to the Town Manager on matters of long-range financial planning.

The Financial Committee is responsible for advising the Town Manager on the annual preparation of the Town's capital improvement plan.  It prepares a report to the Town Council on said annual capital improvement program and participates in public hearings called for review of this program.

After at least one public meeting, the Financial Committee shall report its recommendations to the Town Council on all finance related matters. The finance committee shall have such additional powers and duties as may be provided by the General Laws, by Town Charter, or by ordinance.  The Financial Committee is an advisory and ministerial committee of the Town.

The Financial Committee, consisting of nine members. Three members shall be appointed by each of the Town Manager, the Town Council, and the Town Clerk.

Financial Committee Members
Vacancy - Vacancy for Term 2018-2021
Eric Langone- Term ends 2021
Michael Mainvielle - Term ends 2020
Robert Rees - Term ends 2018
Gerald Muller - Term ends 2020
George Haley - Term ends 2019
Eric Marchetti - Term ends 2019
Nathan Schofield - Term ends 2020