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Town Charter Review Committee Questionnaire

  1. Town Charter Review Committee Questionaire

  2. The Charter Review Committee is a 7 member committee that is created at least every six years and made up of citizens appointed by the Council President and approved by the Town Council.

    The Committee is responsible for examining the Town's Charter to determine its ongoing utility and accuracy and to make recommendations to its appointing body regarding the need for additions, deletions, clarifications, or other amendments that would improve the Charter.

    The Town's Charter is the basic document that defines the organization, powers, functions and essential procedures of the town government. The Charter is, therefore, the most important legal document of the Town.

    Information is being gathered from a variety of sources to support recommendations including personal interviews, public forums, research, and this survey. In developing recommendations for changes to the Town Charter, citizen input is critical. We ask that you take the time to complete this brief survey.

    If you have questions for the Committee, please email:

  3. 1) Are you a resident of Town of Bridgewater Massachusetts?

  4. 2) Do you or have you served on an elected or appointed town board or committee?

  5. 3) How familiar are you with the Bridgewater Town Charter?

  6. 4) How would you rate the overall operation of the Town of Bridgewater? (1-5 Scale)

  7. 5) Should town councilors receive an annual $3000 stipend for service?

  8. 6) Should the Town Clerk become an appointed position? (currently an elected position)

  9. 7) Should an election recall provision be added to the Town Charter?

  10. 8) Should town employees be allowed to serve on town committees?

  11. 9) Should the term limits provision of the Town Charter be amended?

  12. 10) Should the requirements for wet signatures be changed from 100 to 75 to be on the ballot?

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