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Water Service Installation Application

  1. A Contractor who has been approved by the Town of Bridgewater Water and Sewer Superintendent as having the necessary equipment and insurance to install water services in the Town of Bridgewater must install the water service and submit as-built drawings prior to the installation of the water meter.
  2. In consideration of the granting of this permit, the undersigned agrees to the following:

    1. The property owner should review the current Town of Bridgewater Water Department Rules and Regulations. The property owner will be required to adhere to these rules and regulations throughout the approval and construction phases of the project.

    2. Ties/Drawings must be on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper and turned in by contractor prior to installation of water meter.

    3. Contractors/homeowners are responsible for any trench and road opening permits. Road openings are subject to the Town of Bridgewater moratoriums. Contact the Town of Bridgewater’s Highway Department for required permits at 508-697-0931

    4. All installation costs and fees must be paid in full prior to the installation of the water service.
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